4 Diet and Weight Loss Tips for Men

Here are four diet and weight loss tips designed especially for men to help you trim down, tone up, and increase your overall health.

  1. Count your calories. Because many diet websites focus on women, their recommended diet plans might not apply to men. Be sure to work out a healthy eating plan with your doctor to ensure that you get the right amount of calories for your body type.
  2. Think about your younger years. If you played football or frequently lifted weights in your teens and twenties, think back on your healthy habits from these days when planning a weight loss plan. You can even pull out an old photo of yourself at your fittest for some inspiration.
  3. Keep a log. Use your phone or a discreet notebook to record your meals and workouts and to ensure that you stay on track.
  4. Know the risks. Men generally store fat in the upper body (which often shows up as a “beer belly”). This area is easier to lose weight in, but it can also cause heart disease if you hold on to it. Be sure to lose the weight and practice slow, steady weight loss techniques in order to keep it off.

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Pinterest Can Help You Lose Weight! Here’s How!

Pinterest is a social media site that operates just like a digital bulletin board, and its vast network of users proves it to be a great motivational tool to help you lose weight. Pinterest contains thousands of articles, tips, workouts, and recipes that will help you to create a weight loss plan and sustain a healthy lifestyle even after you drop those extra pounds. Here are two of Pinterest’s best weight loss boards.

Cardio Workouts
This board is packed full of fast-paced, high-energy cardio workouts that will help you to burn calories without spending hours on the treadmill. There are so many workout ideas on this board that you’ll never have to do the same routine twice, and you can pick and choose which sound the most enjoyable to you. Visit the board any time you need a bit of pre-workout motivation, or create your own version filled with only the workouts that you like.

Healthy Eating
If you struggle with eating low-calorie, nutrient-rich meals, all it takes is a bit of healthy eating inspiration to make you excited about cooking nutritious meals at home. This board is filled with mouthwatering recipes that look so delicious, you’ll forget they’re actually good for you, from chewy cookies made with fruit and oatmeal to chicken tenders dipped in a low-fat avocado dipping sauce.

Get Into a Fitness Routine With These Motivational Tips

You’re certainly not the first person to admit that sticking to a fitness routine is hard, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. All it takes is time, patience, and a reliable fitness plan that works with your lifestyle. Here are some great tips that will help you to get in shape and feel better about your body.

1. Stop beating yourself up. Many people enter into a workout regime with a negative mindset because they feel bad about their bodies, but this isn’t a healthy way to begin. You need to think about the good things rather than focusing on the negatives.

2. Something is better than nothing. Don’t feel like your workout was a failure if you couldn’t complete it. We all have off days, and just getting onto the treadmill is a small victory in itself.

3. Make it a habit. Begin by telling yourself that you’ll work out every day for 30 days. While at first you may just be counting down until those 30 days are over, you’ll eventually become used to working out and it will become a part of your daily routine.

4. Make exercise possible. Sure, you could work out at 5 a.m. before work, but are you actually going to? Schedule your workouts at times that are accessible and easy to manage with the rest of your schedule.

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Determine How Much Physical Activity You Need With This Helpful Guide

Sure, we all know we should exercise, but how much exercise does a person actually need? It depends on your weight, age, how much you eat, and a number of other factors. This informative guide from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can help you determine how much exercise you should get each day, and then it recommends activities that are virtually painless and even a little fun.

Once you get enough physical activity, it starts to burn off more calories than your body needs, resulting in weight loss. Though lowering the number of calories you consume is the best way to lose weight, exercising is the only way to maintain your goal weight, and it prevents things like heart disease and diabetes.

The best part about exercise is that it takes a lot to initially lose weight, but it becomes much easier to maintain your goal weight once you get there. For most people, a simple 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week is enough to ensure that you don’t gain weight from the foods you eat. Things like light yard work or brisk walking are considered moderate intensity, while swimming laps or jogging are great ways to get more vigorous intensity physical activity.

When you consult this helpful guide to see how many calories your favorite physical activities burn, managing your health becomes easier and more effective.

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Walking Exercises for Weight Loss and Health

Walking is a relaxing, enjoyable exercise that also encourages good overall health. From preventing heart disease and high blood pressure to maintaining a healthy weight, walking offers a wide assortment of different bodily benefits. If you want to start a walking routine, these great workouts are great for people of any age or fitness level.

1. Treadmill Slimmer. This 30-minute workout is great for winter days when you can’t walk outside. With four alternating intensity phases, it will help you burn approximately 150 calories in one half hour. 
2. Belly-Busting Walk. By drawing your abs in toward your spine and swinging your hips forward, you can tone your abs as you walk.
3. Megacalorie Burner. If burning calories and losing weight are your main goals, this is the workout for you. Walking at a brisk pace for 60 or more minutes will burn around 350 calories. 
4. Speed Interval Walking Workout. Alternating between a moderate pace and a brisk walk throughout a 45-minute workout four times per week will help you lose approximately 23 pounds in 16 weeks.
5. Rev Energy and Brighten Your Mood. Walking for 30 minutes is proven to boost your energy by 85 percent! Next time you’re feeling down, go out for a stroll instead of sulking. 

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