These Free Apple Apps Make Everyday Tasks a Little Easier

These days it might seem like there’s nothing that you can’t do on your iPhone, and once you see these innovative apps you’ll certainly agree with that statement. From organizing your weekly trip to the grocery store to taking notes for an upcoming meeting, these three Apple apps will help you to take control of your whole life.

Simple Grocery List
Just like its name implies, this convenient app eliminates the need for pen and paper by creating a grocery list right on your own smartphone. Input each grocery item into the app’s list feature and it will even group each item by aisle for added convenience.

If you frequently make lists to help yourself get organized, you’ll love the added organization benefits of Wunderlist. This convenient list app has a simple interface that groups your lists into work, travel, groceries and more, and the social network-style features enable you to share group lists with friends or family.

Whether you need to take notes for a lecture or an important business presentation, the SuperNotes app makes it easy to remember all of the fine points. Type your notes yourself or record yourself speaking and the app will dictate for you, then add color coding, photos and even reminders to your notes.

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