Recipes to Make With Spring Vegetables

Spring always means a plethora of fresh, seasonal vegetables that you’ve been missing all winter. Because fresh produce tends to go bad quickly, it’s helpful to shop with a few recipes already in mind. Here are some favorite recipes made with vegetables that grow in the springtime.

Glazed Carrots in Tarragon [Fine Cooking]
Cooked carrots may bring back memories of being forced to eat your veggies as a child, but this unique recipe is a grown-up take on the common side. The tarragon adds a little kick to the carrots' sweet flavor to make a complex and delicious dish.

Quick-Braised Baby Artichokes [Fine Cooking]
Cooking artichokes in lemon juice is one of the simplest ways to prepare the tasty vegetable, but this recipe also braises them for a smoky flavor that’s perfect for warm weather.

Asparagus with Butter and Soy Sauce [Oprah]
It’s safe to say that asparagus is having a moment in the food world, and there are so many new recipes popping up that it may seem overwhelming. This easy recipe is quick to make but still adds a bit of sophistication to your meal.

Warm Three-Onion Dip [Oprah]
Adding fresh spring onions that only grow in warm weather makes this savory dip a bit more special than your usual restaurant onion dip. Serve it with crusty bread or crisp chips at your next gathering.

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