Useful Apps for Frequent Business Travelers

Whether it's by plane, train, or automobile, traveling for work can be stressful and hectic. To help you keep track of expenses, flight info, business cards, and much more, these four apps will help streamline your next business trip. 

Wi-Fi Finder
Need quick access to the internet? Available for iPhone and Android, this free app relies on your phone's GPS to find the closest Wi-Fi hotspot, with information on cost. You can even filter your search by type of Wi-Fi provider and venue. 

Instead of mindlessly tossing a business card into your purse or suit pocket, take a photo of the business card using this handy app, which instantly turns the card into a phone contact. Never lose an important business contact again. Available for iPhone. 

A free app for iPhone and Android, this app collects your travel expenses via your bank account or credit card and compiles the info into a business report. If you're paying cash, just scan the receipt with your phone to import the information.  

Keep track of your flight into with this app, available for iPhone and Android. Just import your flight information and the app will keep you updated on any information, like departure gates and delays.

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