These Free Apple Apps Make Everyday Tasks a Little Easier

These days it might seem like there’s nothing that you can’t do on your iPhone, and once you see these innovative apps you’ll certainly agree with that statement. From organizing your weekly trip to the grocery store to taking notes for an upcoming meeting, these three Apple apps will help you to take control of your whole life.

Simple Grocery List
Just like its name implies, this convenient app eliminates the need for pen and paper by creating a grocery list right on your own smartphone. Input each grocery item into the app’s list feature and it will even group each item by aisle for added convenience.

If you frequently make lists to help yourself get organized, you’ll love the added organization benefits of Wunderlist. This convenient list app has a simple interface that groups your lists into work, travel, groceries and more, and the social network-style features enable you to share group lists with friends or family.

Whether you need to take notes for a lecture or an important business presentation, the SuperNotes app makes it easy to remember all of the fine points. Type your notes yourself or record yourself speaking and the app will dictate for you, then add color coding, photos and even reminders to your notes.

Download These Two Apps Before Your Next Hike

When the weather gets a bit warmer and you want to move your workout outdoors, hiking is a wonderful way to stay active and spend some time in nature. Here are two great hiking apps that will help you to plan a hike and stay safe once you’re on the trail.

With a database full of hiking and biking trails all across the country, AllTrails is a wonderful resource for anyone looking for new places to hike. Detailed maps offer pinpoints marking each of the trails or parks in a given area, and clicking on a point pulls up a full list of information about that trail. AllTrails shows the distance, elevation, and difficulty level of a trail, and it provides reviews written by fellow hikers just like you.

Simply Hike
Stay safe and prepared on any hiking trip with Simply Hike’s expansive selection of hiking and camping equipment. Browse items like backpacks, clothing, and tents made especially for hiking, or search by your favorite brands, like the North Face and Berghaus, to find products that you’ll love. Simply Hike’s helpful customer service representatives will even help you to choose the perfect equipment for your needs.

These Apps Can Help You Practice Pilates Anywhere

While you love the effects that Pilates has on your body and your mind, sometimes you just don’t have the time to make it to an entire class. Lucky for you, these innovative apps can help you to get a core-building Pilates workout right from the comfort of your own home.

Pilates Workout Exercises
This app offers a truly impressive selection of Pilates workouts, containing more than 350 instructional videos with new videos added every day. Each video is categorized by either beginner, intermediate, or advanced skill levels, and certified Pilates instructors guide you through every step of the way.

Pilates Workouts
iPhone users will love this simple, easy to use app, which includes a number of videos that are taught just like a real Pilates class. With acclaimed instructors like Denise Austin, you’ll feel completely confident and at ease throughout your entire workout. There are also a variety of classes for different skill levels, ailments, and time restrictions to help you tailor your exercise to your specific needs.

Pilates for Beginners
Just like the name suggests, Pilates for Beginners is a wonderful resource for anyone just starting a Pilates routine. Informative articles help to educate you about the benefits of Pilates, while tips and tricks will teach you how to choose the right studio or pick the best workout for you.

Baseball Apps for Fans of the Game

If you’re a diehard baseball fan, there are a number of fun and exciting baseball apps that will keep your mind on your favorite sport no matter where your day takes you. Check out these two impressive apps to watch real baseball footage, build your own fantasy team, and more.

Endless Sports
This app is just what the name says: an endless stream of baseball videos all day, every day. Simply use your finger and swipe the screen to change channels, which include everything from ESPN to more obscure baseball coverage. Endless Sports boasts no lag or latency in videos, so you can watch any baseball game without the annoying interruptions of similar sports apps.

9 Innings
Instead of just watching baseball, become a part of the game with this fantasy game for your smartphone. Use the names and photos of real MLB players to create your dream team, and then match them up against other teams in incredibly realistic games with exciting, in-your-face graphics. With more than 1,400 players and 30 teams to choose from, you can create your ultimate fantasy team and watch as they dominate the other teams in the league. Best of all, the 9 Innings app is completely free to download.

Useful Apps for Frequent Business Travelers

Whether it's by plane, train, or automobile, traveling for work can be stressful and hectic. To help you keep track of expenses, flight info, business cards, and much more, these four apps will help streamline your next business trip. 

Wi-Fi Finder
Need quick access to the internet? Available for iPhone and Android, this free app relies on your phone's GPS to find the closest Wi-Fi hotspot, with information on cost. You can even filter your search by type of Wi-Fi provider and venue. 

Instead of mindlessly tossing a business card into your purse or suit pocket, take a photo of the business card using this handy app, which instantly turns the card into a phone contact. Never lose an important business contact again. Available for iPhone. 

A free app for iPhone and Android, this app collects your travel expenses via your bank account or credit card and compiles the info into a business report. If you're paying cash, just scan the receipt with your phone to import the information.  

Keep track of your flight into with this app, available for iPhone and Android. Just import your flight information and the app will keep you updated on any information, like departure gates and delays.

Learn About Space on Your Phone with NASA’s Apps!

Interested in the universe beyond earth? NASA's website features a huge variety of resources to help you learn more about space. The site includes multimedia galleries, mission profiles, histories of space flight, and resources for educators and students. It also offers a number of interesting apps for your iPhone, iPad, or Android Phone. Here are some of the highlights:

NASA Television
This app lets you watch live and recorded video footage directly from NASA, including stuff like events unfolding in real time and pre-recorded shows documenting the nuances of space flight.

Earth as Art
Earth as Art collects data from one of NASA's greatest achievements: documenting the earth through images from its satellites. This app presents our planet as an aesthetic masterpiece, in a way that's sure to change viewers' perspective.

Learn more about NASA's long and interesting history with Space365, an app that presents a fact a day about the space agency.

Sector 33
This game puts you in the role of an air traffic controller working to optimize the arrival of planes at a fictionalized airport runway. You'll work to minimize delays while maintaining maximum safety in this brain-teasing challenge.

NASA has many more apps, too, and they're all free of charge!

Five Home Design Inspiration Apps

Decorating your new or current space can be a daunting task. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps available on our smartphones to help us get organized and inspired! 

Visual inspiration for every room in your home is available at Dwellinggawker. Save your favorite looks to go back to later. From DIY to going green to architecture there is something for every aesthetic.

Houzz Interior Design
Browse pictures from over 55,000 remodeling pros like architects, photographers, and interior designers. Add images you like to your "lookbook" to design the perfect look. You can even search for local professionals. 

Gather all your inspiration in one place on your Pinterest board. Search through popular pins by categories to find inspiration, or "pin" your favorite images and websites to your board so you can access your vision for your dream house right from your phone. 

Mood Board
Build your own inspiration with Mood Board. Start with a blank slate, and fill it with things that inspire you like color swatches, text, and photos. This way you can have a solid foundation for what you want your room to look like. 

Search by room or type of space you would like to design and find inspiration. Save your favorites like paint colors, favorite photos, and budget looks. 

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