Create a Cozy, Chic Look in Your Bedroom With These Simple Steps

To improve your sleep, create a relaxing atmosphere, and add a chic look to your bedroom, all it takes are a few smart upgrades. From incorporating plush textures to changing up the color scheme, these simple tips will show you exactly what to do.

  • Replace your current bedding with crisp, white bedding. If your current sheets and duvet feel drab and outdated, upgrading to chic white bedding will give your bed a timeless look that's just like a four-star hotel.
  • Create storage for every loose item and stray article of clothing. If you constantly find yourself tripping over clutter, head to the home goods store and invest in additional drawers, bins and other storage items.
  • Frame some art to dress up your walls. Choose soothing nature scenes, neutral abstract prints or framed family photos that will make you feel calm and relaxed.
  • Add throw pillows and blankets that will add additional depth to your bedding. Choose one statement pop of color or something in a fun faux fur for some soft, eye-catching texture.
  • Update the lighting by replacing the current bulbs with muted lights or bulbs that imitate natural sunlight.

Design a Gallery Wall These Pro Pointers

A gallery wall can elevate the style of your space and really make a personal statement about your life and style. However, the process takes time, preparation, and patience. Here are some tips to help you build your own gallery wall!

  • Pick out your frames and create diagrams to help play around with some layout ideas.
  • Lay out your frames on your floor before hanging them on your wall to measure everything out.
  • If you find purchasing prints to be too pricey, use your own photography, pictures of family, or restore old photos to place in the frames for a personal touch.
  • You can also hang up empty frames and collect pieces of art over time so you won’t have to splurge on a lot of pieces all at once.
  • Use one large piece to start your collection, then use different sizes and orientation of the pieces to fill space and keep your eyes moving.
  • If you’re going for more of a classic look, use a nine-square grid layout with even space between each frame.
  • Use sturdy frame hangers to protect your walls and your photos against scratches and nicks.

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Three Awesome Ways to Decorate With Maps

These days, mobile maps can definitely be more useful for traveling than a paper map. However, paper maps are beautiful to look at! So why not use them in your home decor? Here are three creative ways you can decorate with a map.

  • Use a map to revamp your lampshade and give it a warm, vintage feel. All you need to do is find an atlas with pictures of beautiful maps inside, a lamp with a shade, and a few craft items. Make a template for your shade and test it out to make sure it fits perfectly. Then, just lay out your template on top of your map pages and make the pages match the size of the template. Finally, use some rubber cement to glue your map on and you're finished!
  • Cover the drawers of your plain-looking dresser with a map. You're pretty much going to use the same process you did for the lamp. Make sure to measure everything out perfectly and remember to cut out tiny circles for the knobs.
  • Give your living room a unique, vintage feel by covering the top of your glass coffee table with a map. If you have a large enough coffee table, you may even be able to see the whole map.

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Decorating with Color? Learn the Meaning Behind Your Favorite Hues

When decorating, follow your instinct and incorporate colors that make you feel energized and inspired. Here’s how to figure out the meaning of the colors that you’re drawn to and how to incorporate them into your home.

  • Blue represents the color of the waves in the ocean and should be used to be calming, healing, and relaxing. It also exemplifies the feeling of security and dependability.
  • Green represents newness and life. It is a balancing color that stands for growth, abundance, and nature.
  • In decorating, red is a very powerful color. It is exciting and powerful and represents luxury, passion and romance.
  • Purple is a very spiritual color that represents abundance and dignity.
  • Yellow is a color that gives you a happy and uplifting feeling. It is a great sociable color so it’s recommended for your kitchen, dining room, or living room areas.
  • Grey represents “the rock” and stands for solidity and support. It is probably the most popular neutral in decorating because it can seem nondescript.
  • White can have a way of making you feel clean, pure, and innocent. It represents hope and openness and is very inviting.
  • Decorating with the dramatic color black can bring a sense of elegance and sophistication to your space.

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How to Give Your Rental Home More Pizzazz and Personality

You want your home's surroundings to reflect your personal style, but this can sometimes prove difficult as a renter. Follow these tips to help give your rental home more life and character!

  • Keep fresh flowers and potted plants around to add warmth and life to your space.
  • Change out the hardware on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers. It will make a big impact, and it's easy to change back when you move out.
  • Add area rugs to help define your space and to add warmth and color.
  • Use temporary wallpaper to create a statement wall and bring some color or bold patterns into your space
  • Changing out your light switch plates is such a small detail but can really make a difference. Plus, this is also something you can change right back when you leave.
  • Hang your favorite art pieces around to brighten your mood and inspire you. Instead of hammers and nails, use 3M hooks to hang framed photos and posters.

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Expert Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching Vignette

If you have a hallway table or bedroom dresser that could use some sprucing up, the table vignette may be the way to go. A vignette is simply an embellishment that consists of different elements arranged harmoniously, from blooming flowers to vintage picture frames. The exact contents of the vignette are up to you (consider shopping around at thrift stores), but there are a few rules you should follow when you actually go to create the vignette. Here are four of the top suggestions, gleaned from the internet's interior design experts.

  1. Pick a focal point. Before you randomly start arranging knick-knacks on a coffee table, pick an element that will anchor your vignette. For example, it might be a vintage vase filled with flowers or artsy twigs. It could be a pretty picture frame with a personal photo or postcard. Regardless of what it is, make sure the focal point meshes with the colors and style of the rest of your home.
  2. Let light win over dark. If you don't already have a focal point in mind, consider using a cool lamp. When creating a vignette, it's imperative that you put it somewhere where the light can accentuate it—and what better way to do that than to make the light a part of it?
  3. Use the rule of threes. Interior design experts often adhere to the rule of threes, which essentially states that when grouping design elements, you should opt for odd numbers over even numbers. It creates a focal point that naturally draws the eye.
  4. Create depth and texture. You should also vary the arrangement of your vignette elements in order to intrigue onlookers. Instead of placing each piece in a straight line, pull some forward and push others back. Pick candlesticks or books of varying heights. Choose different textures. This will keep your vignette interesting and eye-catching.

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Recipes to Make With Spring Vegetables

Spring always means a plethora of fresh, seasonal vegetables that you’ve been missing all winter. Because fresh produce tends to go bad quickly, it’s helpful to shop with a few recipes already in mind. Here are some favorite recipes made with vegetables that grow in the springtime.

Glazed Carrots in Tarragon [Fine Cooking]
Cooked carrots may bring back memories of being forced to eat your veggies as a child, but this unique recipe is a grown-up take on the common side. The tarragon adds a little kick to the carrots' sweet flavor to make a complex and delicious dish.

Quick-Braised Baby Artichokes [Fine Cooking]
Cooking artichokes in lemon juice is one of the simplest ways to prepare the tasty vegetable, but this recipe also braises them for a smoky flavor that’s perfect for warm weather.

Asparagus with Butter and Soy Sauce [Oprah]
It’s safe to say that asparagus is having a moment in the food world, and there are so many new recipes popping up that it may seem overwhelming. This easy recipe is quick to make but still adds a bit of sophistication to your meal.

Warm Three-Onion Dip [Oprah]
Adding fresh spring onions that only grow in warm weather makes this savory dip a bit more special than your usual restaurant onion dip. Serve it with crusty bread or crisp chips at your next gathering.

Corral Clutter and Create Beautiful Vignettes Around the Home Using Serving Trays

If you’re looking for an affordable way to add high style to your home, using serving trays is a great idea. On countertops, dressers, and even on the bed, serving trays add a designer-inspired look to any surface in the home. Here’s some inspiration for styling trays.

  1. Add a serving tray to your coffee table to corral remote controls, display magazines, and hold decorative objects. You can even add scented candles to create an enjoyable ambiance.
  2. Use serving trays in the bathroom to organize your everyday essential products. Add one to the back of the toilet if you’re lacking in cabinet space, or use one under the sink to hold lotion and soap bottles upright.
  3. Place a serving tray next to the front door to create a drop-off place for your keys, cell phone, and other items that would normally amount to clutter.
  4. Center a kitchen island by adding a decorative tray for displaying flower vases and plants. You may also want to add your favorite cookbooks to keep them within reach.
  5. While serving trays are originally used for serving food and beverages, they’re just as great for serving breakfast in bed—or even a midnight snack. If you enjoy relaxing with a good book and glass of wine at night, use a serving tray to avoid spills.

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These Online Retailers Sell Hip Kids’ Furniture That’s More Stylish Than Most

If the idea of a kids’ bedroom that’s cluttered with toys isn’t exactly what you have in mind, you may be wishing for kid-friendly furniture that’s a bit more functional. These stylish online stores specialize in children’s furniture and decor that’s more minimal than most, but it’s still cute enough to appeal to your favorite little ones.

The Land of Nod
With mid-century modern designs and soft, neutral colors, all of the furniture at The Land of Nod is just as appealing to caregivers as it is to the kids. Here you’ll find well-made wooden cribs and bedframes, bedding in whimsical patterns, and smart storage solutions with an eclectic edge.

Everyone’s favorite Swedish home goods store is an equally great resource for fun, quirky children’s furniture. If you’re looking to furnish your little ones’ rooms on a budget, this is the place to go for complete furniture sets and even colorful rugs that double as board games.

Hip Kids
With a name like Hip Kids, it’s apparent that this online retailer sells children’s furnishings that are truly stylish. Shop wooden play kitchens, kid-sized teepees, and smart storage solutions that they’ll actually want to put their toys inside.

4 Diet and Weight Loss Tips for Men

Here are four diet and weight loss tips designed especially for men to help you trim down, tone up, and increase your overall health.

  1. Count your calories. Because many diet websites focus on women, their recommended diet plans might not apply to men. Be sure to work out a healthy eating plan with your doctor to ensure that you get the right amount of calories for your body type.
  2. Think about your younger years. If you played football or frequently lifted weights in your teens and twenties, think back on your healthy habits from these days when planning a weight loss plan. You can even pull out an old photo of yourself at your fittest for some inspiration.
  3. Keep a log. Use your phone or a discreet notebook to record your meals and workouts and to ensure that you stay on track.
  4. Know the risks. Men generally store fat in the upper body (which often shows up as a “beer belly”). This area is easier to lose weight in, but it can also cause heart disease if you hold on to it. Be sure to lose the weight and practice slow, steady weight loss techniques in order to keep it off.

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