Modern Pastry: Hartford Treats

The mark of a truly great bakery is consistency, and Hartford locals have nothing but good things to say about Modern Pastry. This full-service baking shop puts their best into everything that comes out of the oven, from simple cookies to over-the-top wedding cakes. Everything is made from scratch to a rigorous standard of quality, and you might become a fan after just one visit.

The cannolis here have perfectly crisp pastry shells filled with creamy filling. The almond cookies are said to be well worth trying. Other popular choices include the cakes, which are dense, flavorful and truly tasty. Try the red velvet cake, which is a popular choice among regular visitors. Modern Pastry also serves a variety of frozen desserts, with locals raving about the chocolate ice.

Visit Modern Pastry's website to learn more about this Hartford bakery!

Modern Pastry
422 Franklin Avenue
Hartford, CT 06114
(860) 296-3647

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