4 Diet and Weight Loss Tips for Men

Here are four diet and weight loss tips designed especially for men to help you trim down, tone up, and increase your overall health.

  1. Count your calories. Because many diet websites focus on women, their recommended diet plans might not apply to men. Be sure to work out a healthy eating plan with your doctor to ensure that you get the right amount of calories for your body type.
  2. Think about your younger years. If you played football or frequently lifted weights in your teens and twenties, think back on your healthy habits from these days when planning a weight loss plan. You can even pull out an old photo of yourself at your fittest for some inspiration.
  3. Keep a log. Use your phone or a discreet notebook to record your meals and workouts and to ensure that you stay on track.
  4. Know the risks. Men generally store fat in the upper body (which often shows up as a “beer belly”). This area is easier to lose weight in, but it can also cause heart disease if you hold on to it. Be sure to lose the weight and practice slow, steady weight loss techniques in order to keep it off.

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