How to Put an End to Junk Mail

All of that junk mail that arrives in your mailbox isn’t just annoying to you, it’s also harmful to the environment. If you want to put an end to junk mail once and for all, these little-known tips can help.

  1. Write back. Any organization that receives a written request to remove you from its mailing list is legally obligated to comply, even companies that you’ve done business with in the past. Simply write a short request to be taken off their list and mail it back to the sender’s address.
  2. Use the Direct Mail Association website. Registering your name and address with a service called the Direct Mail Association can reduce your amount of junk mail by 95 percent. Though it takes a few months to fully take effect, this is certainly one of the most surefire ways to end your junk mail dilemma.
  3. Stop junk mail before it starts. Pay closer attention when filling out forms for things like credit cards or sweepstakes, or even when shopping online. There is often a box that you can tick that indicates that you do not want to receive mailings from that company, and if you forget to check it you could sign yourself up for a lot of unwanted correspondence.

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