Meet Your Fitness Goals With These Plateau-Busting Tips

The dreaded exercise plateau is something that almost all people experience during their workout routine. You start seeing positive results after months of dedicated workouts, but then seemingly out of nowhere, the results just stop and you’re left wondering what to do next. If you’re in the middle of a workout plateau, use these simple tips to get back on track toward meeting your fitness goals.

  • Track your meals. If you used to eat whatever you wanted but started seeing results once you started eating a bit healthier, you might hit a plateau after you eat in a moderately healthy way for a few months. You’ll need to monitor your calorie intake a bit more thoroughly to continue losing weight.
  • Add intensity. When you continue doing the same workout for a few months, it will start to get easier as you become more fit. Ramp up the intensity of your cardio workouts and you’ll continue seeing results.
  • Elongate workouts. If your current workouts are 30 minutes or less of vigorous physical activity, try working out longer to increase results.
  • Cross-train. Many people love cardio while others love strength training, so combine the two into a cross training program to break out of your plateau.
  • Rest. Instead of working out every day, add a couple days of rest per week to let your muscles rebuild and become stronger as a result of your workouts.

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