Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art: One of the Oldest U.S. Museums of Its Kind

Self-described as the oldest continuously operated public art museum in the entire country, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art has been open since 1842 (though it didn't go public until 1844). Founded by art lover Daniel Wadsworth, it was one of the first museums that boasted a wide array of different works. Salvador Dali, Caravaggio, and Frederic Church all debuted at this museum before their works showed up anywhere else in the U.S.

Over the years, the collection at Wadsworth Atheneum has grown to encompass a whopping 50,000 pieces from 5,000 years' worth of art. Check out the Baroque and Surrealist paintings or the ancient Greek and Roman works. Spend ample time scouring the Hudson River School landscapes, as many Yelp reviewers say that this collection is their favorite. From a collection of American colonial furniture from Wallace Nutting to African American masterpieces, you can see just about anything at Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art.

Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
600 Main St.
Hartford, CT 06103
(860) 278-2670

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