Baseball Apps for Fans of the Game

If you’re a diehard baseball fan, there are a number of fun and exciting baseball apps that will keep your mind on your favorite sport no matter where your day takes you. Check out these two impressive apps to watch real baseball footage, build your own fantasy team, and more.

Endless Sports
This app is just what the name says: an endless stream of baseball videos all day, every day. Simply use your finger and swipe the screen to change channels, which include everything from ESPN to more obscure baseball coverage. Endless Sports boasts no lag or latency in videos, so you can watch any baseball game without the annoying interruptions of similar sports apps.

9 Innings
Instead of just watching baseball, become a part of the game with this fantasy game for your smartphone. Use the names and photos of real MLB players to create your dream team, and then match them up against other teams in incredibly realistic games with exciting, in-your-face graphics. With more than 1,400 players and 30 teams to choose from, you can create your ultimate fantasy team and watch as they dominate the other teams in the league. Best of all, the 9 Innings app is completely free to download.

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