Exercise Your Brain With These Websites

Whether you’re in your sixties or your twenties, maintaining good brain function is important to all people. Your brain is stimulated at work or school, but you likely don’t work all parts of the brain in a given day. These fun and challenging online activities will help work out your mind and even track your progress along the way.

Brain Metrix
The Brain Metrix website works just like a gym for your brain, with different exercises to improve different areas. Memory games will help you with everyday tasks like remembering a person’s name, while reflex tests will help you to make fast decisions with ease. Brain Metrix also offers free games of Sudoku and an IQ test on top of their effective exercises.

AARP’s Brain Games
Designed specifically for senior citizens, the AARP’s database of brain teasers aims to help maintain necessary brain function. With a large selection of memory, problem solving, and language games, this site will work out every part of the brain. The games allow you to adjust the skill level based on your experience, and they also use bright colors and a large format that’s easy to see and to navigate. 

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