Simple Ways to Get More Active

Make a resolution to get more exercise this year? Not sure where to start? A fitness plan can help you build frequent exercise into your regular schedule and help you become more physically fit over time. Here are three simple weekly plans from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Moderate Intensity
This weekly workout plan combines 5 days of brisk 30-minute walks with 2 days of weight training. The whole thing equals 150 minutes of cardio, and it takes only 30 minutes out of your day.

Vigorous Intensity
If you prefer short, intense workouts, this plan recommends a 25-minute jog for just 75 minutes each week. These 3 weekly jogs combined with 2 days of weight training equal a full week of workouts.

Alternate Intensities
This plan recommends working out every day, but some workouts are just 15 minutes long. Alternating 30-minute walks, 15-minute jogs and simple weight training workouts will help you get into great shape.

For more workout tips and tricks for meeting your fitness goals, use the tools on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

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