Quietly set back on a landscaped parcel with two tranquil ponds, Mill Commons utilizes many of the materials and design elements — like brownstone detailing and oversized windows — found at the mill. While this distinctive residential community has a park-like setting, it also affords in-town convenience. Walk to Town Center for shopping, and on Friday evenings, take in a concert at the Performing Arts Center. On your way to the venue, you can stop for dinner at Millwright’s, the farm fresh restaurant located next door in the mill.

Create a Cozy, Chic Look in Your Bedroom With These Simple Steps

September 20, 2016 12:56 pm

To improve your sleep, create a relaxing atmosphere, and add a chic look to your bedroom, all it takes are a few smart upgrades. From incorporating plush textures to changing up the color scheme, these simple tips will show you exactly what to do.

  • Replace your current bedding with crisp, white bedding. If your current sheets and duvet feel drab and outdated, upgrading to chic white bedding will give your bed a timeless look that's just like a four-star hotel.
  • Create storage for every loose item and stray article of clothing. If you constantly find yourself tripping over clutter, head to the home goods store and invest in additional drawers, bins and other storage items.
  • Frame some art to dress up your walls. Choose soothing nature scenes, neutral abstract prints or framed family photos that will make you feel calm and relaxed.
  • Add throw pillows and blankets that will add additional depth to your bedding. Choose one statement pop of color or something in a fun faux fur for some soft, eye-catching texture.
  • Update the lighting by replacing the current bulbs with muted lights or bulbs that imitate natural sunlight.

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Bite Into a Burger at Plan B Burger Bar

September 13, 2016 5:27 pm

Maybe you forgot to go shopping, or perhaps you burned dinner. Maybe you just want someone else to bring you food and clean up after you. No matter why, Plan B Burger Bar is an easy option for a relaxed night out.

Regulars in the Simsbury area find Plan B to be a consistent place for simple food. Plan B Sources takes pride in sourcing local ingredients, and fans say you can taste the freshness in each meal. The burger and fries are popular, as it the lobster roll. There are options for diners with health and diet concerns as well. There’s also a considerable drink menu, including local beers and bourbon, and Plan B is open late.

The Simsbury location is housed in an old railway station. The interior is cool and stylish, but when it’s crowded (and Plan B is usually crowded) the noise level can be a bit high, especially on weekend nights!

Plan B Burger Bar
4 Railroad St
Simsbury, CT 06070
(860) 658-4477

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D & D Market: Shop Smart

September 6, 2016 12:05 pm

If you’re looking for an exceptional Italian deli in Hartford, this place fits the bill. Vito D’Aprile opened D & D Market all the way back in 1932. Through three generations of family, the market has continued to accomplish that task to the present day.

The butcher shop here is one of the best in town, with skilled carvers using impeccable knife skills – no automatic machines. House-made sausages are a specialty here, robust and overflowing with flavor. Their selection of Italian cheeses is also out of this world. If you don’t feel like cooking, the deli makes delightful sandwiches. The sausage and peppers might be the best in Hartford, and the thinly-sliced prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil grinder is also well-regarded.

D & D Market
276 Franklin Avenue
Hartford, CT 06114
(860) 296-3261

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